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We are honored to serve our local communities by delivering products that promote economic growth and improve the lives of citizens every day.

Our teams are formed by experts in the construction and paving industry who are capable of building state-of-the-art roads, bridges, railways, and commercial centers. Our asphalt production facilities operating throughout the region manufacture the highest-quality material possible, to ensure that our projects will last for generations to come.

Our Northeast Paving teams are committed to delivering the highest-quality services on time, on budget, and engineered to provide maximum value to our clients in both the public and private markets.

Whether we are rehabilitating the Sagadahoc Bridge on Route-1 in historic Bath, ME, or developing the site of a local commercial center in downtown Pittsburgh, Northeast Paving combines cutting-edge technology with proven construction and paving practices to guarantee quality on every level of our operations.

We’re thrilled to be leading the way of our region’s bright future. Our work plays a critical role in growing communities and preparing our shared infrastructure for the developments to come in this century. Our company proudly employs hundreds of highly skilled team members, each of whom is committed to developing our culture of excellence. We are working together every day to ensure the continued success of Northeast Paving and New England for generations to come.