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The Values embraced by Lorusso Corporation are essential to the heart of our business. Every choice, agreement and decision made by our dedicated staff, be it Senior Management, Office Personnel, Sales, Mechanics, Drivers, Operators, Laborers or Maintenance personnel demonstrate our commitment to the principles and standards set forth by the value system below.

Leadership & Skill- We believe in leading by exampleOur success is based on the high quality of our products and the talent of our employees and their supervisors, both of which have the expertise and skill which comes from years of experience and commitment.

Organization Innovation – The efficiency we endeavor to maintain with staff, equipment and technology allows us to sustain a cost effective approach which helps to benefit our customers in numerous ways.

Respect Responsibility – These are the cornerstones of which the foundation of this company was formedIt is imperative that all of our customers and employees be treated with Respect, Dignity and Consideration and that they do the same with others.

Unity & Teamwork – The ability to work together is of utmost importance to the success of our business. Teamwork allows us to accomplish our goals and deliver a premium product to our customers in a timely and adept manner.

Superior Quality – We strive to continue to provide consistent and superior quality in both our products and service. Customer satisfaction is ounumber one priority.

Social Responsibility – Our lengthy history in civic participation includes numerous community contributionsWe feel it is our responsibility to provide resources to developing the communities in which we live and work and to help enrich our relationship with our community and customers.

Outstanding Service -In order to provide our customers with First Rate Servicewe employ the most talented, productive, skilled and efficient staffWith integrity & character, expertise & aptitude as well as courtesy and consideration, they exemplify what is the fundamental core of Lorusso Corporation.