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Since James H. Lynch founded a small asphalt paving company of ten or fifteen “good” men in the 1940’s, Lynch has evolved from a residential asphalt driveway operation to a fully integrated construction company of more than 400 employees in six locations in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Lynch serves its customers and contracts with six material manufacturing plants, providing resources to build the region’s complex, large-scale public and private construction projects, including transportation, infrastructure, landfill, site excavation, and utility projects.

Lynch prides itself on its people. Our high employee retention rate (tenures of 20 to 30 years are not uncommon) reflects our long-term commitment to develop and grow our workforce, as individuals, professionals, and collaborators. We are team-oriented and value the participation of all employees at all levels. We have a collegial, competitive spirit that brings “can do” problem-solving expertise to every project. We get it done!