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HATCH is a full-service asphalt management & commercial snow and ice removal contractor headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts. Leveraging the latest in machinery and technology to provide our customers all across the nation with high quality, timely, efficient, and dependable risk management solutions.

Asphalt Management

Residential, commercial or municipal, we do it all! From driveways and parking lots, to roadways and preservation through  sealcoating, HATCH is here to help you get your project done!

Commercial Snow and Ice Management

From pre-season inspections, through snow storms of any size to post season repairs, we offer 24/7 around the clock commitment to our sites. We operate with a state of the art fleet, latest in snow technology including GPS monitoring and tracking of all of our vehicles, as well as the latest storm forecasting & reporting software to guarantee top notch service. We also offer customized and innovative service plans as well as multiple contract options.

Commercial Landscape and Maintenance

Our crews work tirelessly to keep your properties vegetation managed and healthy, while also keeping the area looking perfectly manicured. Services include spring and fall clean ups, irrigation turn on/off, routine maintenance services based on your frequency request, mulching, and planting.