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Asphalt and everything related to its creation and distribution — that’s our specific area of time-tested expertise. Sometimes, just a few minutes picking the brain of an established, specific subject matter expert can save you significant time, effort and expense.

For 35 years, Colonial Asphalt Consulting owner Fran O’Brien was fully immersed in the world of asphalt as the President of The Hudson Companies. Before that, he worked at the ground level in the transportation industry. Fran now works with a variety of other professionals as needed, drawing on his years of contacts and knowledgeable connections in the industry.

The Hudson Companies provided a number of services related to liquid asphalt, including procurement, transportation and reformulation for specific uses and conditions. For years they were the premier asphalt suppliers in Rhode Island with a strong customer base throughout the region.

The industry saw significant change over the years Fran spent helming Hudson. Communications technology, transportation systems and the chemical research and compounds available for improving various liquid asphalt products all revolutionized. It was an important part of Fran’s role at the company to stay on top of all of it, maintaining both a big-picture perspective and a tight grasp on the important details that could make the difference in a project’s ultimate success. He is excited to now bring that knowledge and experience to other companies through Colonial Asphalt Consulting.